About us

Since 1990, our company deals with buying mushrooms and forest fruits and their sales at home and abroad. For nearly 25 years, the quality of our products is appreciated by many customers from Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. Our company belongs to one of the longest-operating in this industry. Probably the first in Poland we exported next to the popular cock and porcini mushrooms such as mushroom craterellus and hydnum repandum. Still, most of our fruits and mushrooms is the buyers abroad but in Poland the natural forest products is growing faster and faster.   Most of the mushrooms and forest fruits we get every day directly from the pickers in the region which allows for Świętokrzyskie their superior quality and freshness. The most common even on the day of collection of mushrooms and berries are exported or frozen. In view of the growing demand we also mushrooms and fruits from vendors from all over Polish and most recently from abroad. We have our own warehouse base, transportation and refrigeration. We offer mushrooms and forest fruits fresh, frozen and dried.

Bought and processed mushrooms we constantly supervised by grzyboznawcę, we also produce the HACCP system to ensure the highest quality sold by us. Our customers are the leading wholesalers of the foodservice industry, food, bakery, restaurants and large processing plants in the country and abroad.

We invite you to familiarize with our offer.